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[audio]Bitroid - Bitroid
Chip Rockin' Tunes
Keywords: BitPop
Downloads: 900
[audio]overthruster - bad ass mother 4000 (20k097) 2004
overthruster has been listening to dancehall reggae alot lately, so his new release is like dancehall bitbop, created on gameboy color pokemon gold edition, using lsdj. this new style is supposably going to be groundbreaking. fight against the devil.
Keywords: BitPop
Downloads: 526
[audio]avis hermetis - nebogeo
an joyful slab of generative melodies
Keywords: BitPop
Downloads: 243
[audio]tattvam assi - thee kali sti current (20k070) 2004
direct from the kali-stic underground movement comes this unbelievable soundtrack for yoga. join the universal mind and become a brahman. tattvam-assi (meaning 'that art thou') is a side-project by hardliner. don't miss this lofi-stereo adventure!
Keywords: BitPop
Downloads: 403
[audio]overthruster - overthruster plays the gameboy (20k082) 2004
overthruster plays the gameboy like a maniac. his new pink gameboy is on fire! an audio-thunderstorm like you never heard before. colon pipe ownz all! check it out. he's running his own net-label now, northamerican hardcore, specialised in hardcore releases under 250kb, mostly modules, releasing tracks by himself, mpls genius k9d and others.
Keywords: BitPop
Downloads: 6,220 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]It's Getting Closer James Curran - James Curran
Happy pop song with pseudo brass band accompaniment.Recorded Glasgow,Scotland in 1994.
Keywords: BitPop
Downloads: 256
[audio]DMGPlantlife - DRASTIC MEASURES (20k151) 2005 - DMGPlantlife
Dmgplantlife is one of the 3 active gameboy musicians in brussels. here we have 4 excellent bit pop tracks, made with lsdj, sometimes in combination with non-gameboy audio sources, what makes the core of his unique and exciting style. also featured on the ep is a dope ambient electronica bonus track. less is more.
Keywords: BitPop
Downloads: 303
[audio]Mystic Hero - Everyone Has Its Own Weird Mission - Mystic Hero
mp3 album
Keywords: 8-bit; bitpop
Downloads: 29
[audio]deepravers - cynerz clubb (20k180) 2005 - deepravers
super-fucked broken electronica beats, sick acid lines, x-treme swinging jerky rhythms and the required amount of noise - that's the first glorious release by deepravers (CHN, ross, nostromo, doner c and kiddy na did?addy of
Keywords: BitPop; Experimental; Electronica
Downloads: 480
[audio]Krang! - Pixelated Pizza Party
first EP from Krang!
Keywords: Krang!; bit-pop
Downloads: 237 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Yokoelast - Live At ZKM [12rec.009] - Yokoelast
Mateusz crafted the songs of his ZKM ep live within the context of the architectual JoxMox-exhibition in the "Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medien" in Karlsruhe, Germany. He interactively divided the installation of F. Winkler and J. Sturm into four suites, which Mateusz put together from prepared and spontaneously modulated audio-material. Thereby the music controlled the artist's visuals. This liveperfomance presents a conclusive destillat of his work back in the days...
Keywords: BitPop; Electronica; Live
Downloads: 1,220
[audio]Yokoelast - On Marx/Mosp [12rec.015] - Mateusz Parzonka
After the release of his live-performance (12rec.009) glitch-pop jack-of-all-trades Mateusz Parzonka publishes another pearl from the binary archives of his Powerbook. In search of alternatives in generating sounds and structures, Yokoelast discovered the programming user interface Max/MSP which potentiates the user to create his own 'instruments'. Hardware-synthesizer and mixer are sold soon, and in the course of one year Mateusz fills an entire CD with noisy and glittering track-sketches which...
Keywords: BitPop; Melodic Electronica
Downloads: 2,610
[audio]Sommaren är här (Bitpop Remix) - Rymdkraft
A bitpop remix of Pontiak Johanzon's Swedish summer anthem "Sommaren Ãr Här"
Keywords: bitpop; blipblop; chip; remix; pontiak
Downloads: 1,192
[audio]OR-1 | FatalExceptionID - Rocket - FatalExceptionID
Artist: FatalExceptionID Album: Rocket Length: 29:39 Size: 41.9MB
Keywords: chiptune; 8-bit; bitpop; electronic
Downloads: 139
[audio]V.A. - picnic2 [BB10] - byteburger crew
second compilation of byteburger records. Electro bricolage style
Keywords: IDM; Distorted Hip-Hop; BitPop
Downloads: 31,565
[audio]Gltch Btch - Music for Attention Deficit - Gltch Btch
Gltch Btch's 2nd album, a.k.a. mFAD. Gltch Btch's website Gltch Btch on Facebook
Keywords: electro; idm; experimental; breaks; bitpop
Downloads: 312
[unknown]Eftos!rx-Eftos!rx_I_cc_plus_100426 - Eftos!rx
Eftos!rx - Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) as of 20100426 'CC plus' Edition 12x128kbit/s + 4x96kbit/s mp3 full all additions (c) (c)
Keywords: remix; eftosrx; synthpop; futurepop; bitpop; chiptune; polytonal
Downloads: 9
[audio]smart_young_cunt_-_faggotry_is_quite_alright-(20k304)-2010 - smart young cunt
up for some ldsj-action? know your are. you just can't restrain yourself, can't you? know you cunt. smart young count, better known as humiliation, who debuted here almost exactly a year ago. this somewhat controversial ep features 4 top notch bitpop tracks. hail gameboy! hail smart young cunt!
Keywords: bit pop; 8-bit; chiptune; electronic; bitpop
Downloads: 84
[audio]8BB009 Ponks - Raw 23 - Ponks
chiptune release by Ponks, young but talented musician from Moscow.
Keywords: 8bit; 8 bit; chiptune; bitpop; cracktro
Downloads: 359
[audio]PixlCrushr - Lario and Muigi from the Kushroom Mingdom EP - PixlCrushr
EP from Bitpop artist PixlCrushr
Keywords: Bit pop; bitpop; music; chiptune; pixlcrushr
Downloads: 385
[audio]EJR001 - Darth Zero - Evil Is Better - Darth Zero
Here is the first album by Darth Zero, a bitpop side-project by the outsider musician Vanny Zero. A mix of vintage videogames, lo-fi electronic music and funny dance beats, with a sick obsession for horror B-movies atmospheres! The album has been originally released in December 2008, for the american netlabel Dancing Is Forbidden. Now it is the first release of our new label, in this new version including the bonus track "Can't Stand The Musicians", originally released on a VV.AA...
Keywords: bitpop; zombitpop; electronic; videogames; chiptunes; horror; dance
Downloads: 86
[audio]Eftos!rx_Eftos!rx_I-Lightforce_4.5 - eftosrx
Eftos!rx Lightforce [Op. ER16 4.5] from Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) original by Rob Hubbard, c64, 1986 full hifi 320kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 from a 1411kbit/s 44.1khz wav all additions COPYRIGHT (c) COPYRIGHT (c)
Keywords: bitpop; eftos; electronica; c64; sid; hubbard; synthpop
Downloads: 81
[audio]Eftos!rx-Lightforce(3.0) - Eftos!rx
Lightforce 3.0 (percussive iteration) from Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) full hifi 320kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 all additions (c) (c)
Keywords: bitpop; eftos; sid; game; computer; hubbard; chiptune; theme; electronica
Downloads: 646
[image]Eftos!rx_Eftos!rx_I_Delta2.6edition_stream - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Eftos!rx - Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) as of Delta [Op. ER16 2.6] full stream 96kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution
Keywords: original; eftos; techno-industrial; bitpop; leadcore; c64; sid metal
Downloads: 23
[image]Eftos!rx_Eftos!rx_I_Delta2.6edition_radio - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Eftos!rx - Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) as of Delta [Op. ER16 2.6] full radio stream original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution part of the current opus The road to Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) Official release chart sorted by master-opus ascending Title master-opus LSD Op. ER01 4.1 Space of Chaos Op. ER02 4.0 Hovering Thru Op. ER03 3.2 Enigmatic Soul Op. ER04 3.6 Uten deg Op...
Keywords: original; eftos; lucky u; bitpop; synthpop; retrofutura; leadcore
Downloads: 5
[image]Eftos!rx_Eftos!rx_I_Delta2.5edition_stream - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Eftos!rx - Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) as of Delta [Op. ER16 2.5] full stream 96kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution
Keywords: eftos!rx; upgrade; eftos!rx I; soundtrack; bitpop; synthpop; leadcore
Downloads: 3
[image]Eftos!rx_Lightforce5-edition_radio - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Eftos!rx - Lightforce [Op. ER15 5.0] from Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) hifi radio 320bit/s 44.1khz mp3 original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution
Keywords: original; eftos; lightforce; upgrade; 5; bitpop; synthpop; c64; homecomputer
[audio]Eftos!rx-The_Penta-Hub - Eftos!rx
Eftos!rx 'The Penta-Hub' EP (additional music) full hifi 192kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 (from 1411kbit/s 44.1khz 16bit wav) content: Sanxion Op. ER15 3.7 Lightforce Op. ER16 4.8 Nemesis the Warlock Op. ER08 2.6 Saboteur II Op. ER01 4.0 Zoids Op. ER07 7.0 all additions (c) (c)
Keywords: bitpop; sid; synthpop; c-64; eftos; futurepop; industrial; chiptune
Downloads: 48
[audio]Eftos!rx-SaboteurII(v2.0) - Eftos!rx
Eftos!rx - Saboteur (v2.0) (Hubbard, 1987) full hifi 320kbit/s 44.1khz from the album Eftos!rx I what i did (c) (c)
Keywords: retro; sid; hubbard; bitpop; techno; eftos; chip; chiptune; classic
Downloads: 699
[image]Eftos!rx-delta3.0radio - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Delta [Op. ER16 3.0] from Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) hifi radio 320kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution
Keywords: official; eftos; remix; sid; bitpop; video game music; upgrade
Downloads: 3
[image]Eftos!rx-Eftos!rxI_delta3stream - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Eftos!rx - Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) as of Delta [Op. ER16 3.0] full stream 96kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution
Keywords: original; eftos; delta; upgrade; minimalism; c64; sid; bitpop; industrial
Downloads: 2
[audio]FatalExceptionID - Rocket (WAV) - FatalExceptionID
To play this file, open it in foobar2000. To open it in foobar2000, simply drag the *.cue file in. The tracks will appear, and from here you can convert it to any format that foobar2000 supports, and then even burn it to a CD. - Chris/FatalExceptionID
Keywords: chiptune; 8-bit; 8bit; bitpop; micromusic; gameboy
Downloads: 45
[audio]JKP_-_Robot_concerto-(20k305)-2010 - JKP
this release marks the return of the greatest invader since napoleon, but JKP needs no mercs to win our hearts: we just give in when we hear his beautiful lofi bleep tunes. epic win!
Keywords: lofi; bleep; lofi bleep; bitpop; blip blop; robot concerto
Downloads: 43
[image]Eftos!rx - Modula One - Eftos!rx
EFTOS!rx(tm) Modula One absolute COPYRIGHT (c) (c) eftos-opus div. (p) eftos ent. Industrial Audio & Original Sci-Fi (r) Eftos Ent.
Keywords: original; eftos; eftos!rx; bitpop; synthpop; modula one; ep; copyright
Downloads: 17
[audio]Massiv Dansk Invasion [alces001] - Massiv Dansk Invasion

Keywords: Blip Blop; Electro; Electronica; Bitpop; Bit pop; Alces2
Downloads: 8,187
[audio]EJR002 - Darth Zero - Zombit Mafia - Darth Zero
This album was the second part of the Darth Zero project, started less than one month before with "Evil Is Better" (originally released on December, 2008). Just like the first album, also this one is now re-released on Electro Jesus, with a previously unreleased bonus track ("Develop Your Rightful Weirdness"). The sound here is a bit more "mature" and heavy, with the usual 8-bit energy and more catchy melodies...
Keywords: bitpop; zombitpop; electronic; videogames; chiptunes; horror; dance; micromusic
Downloads: 147
[image]Eftos!rx-Delta2.6radio - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Eftos!rx - Delta [Op. ER16 2.6] from Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) radio hifi 320kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution
Keywords: eftos; original; remix; eftos!rx; delta; upgrade; new version; c64; bitpop
Downloads: 1
[image]Eftos!rx_Eftos!rx_I_LF5.1edition_radio - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Eftos!rx - Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) as of Lightforce [Op. ER15 5.1] hifi radio 320kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution
Keywords: eftos; remix; lightforce; hifi; 320kbit; eftos!rx I; upgrade; bitpop; c64
Downloads: 2
[audio]Eftos!rx - Saboteur II (Hubbard) (v1.0) - Eftos!rx
Remix of Saboteur II (Hubbard 1987) v1.0 full hifi 320kbit/s 44.1khz WAV what i did (c) (c)
Keywords: remix; retro; sid; bitpop; 8bit; 8-bit; hubbard; techno; electronica; eftos
Downloads: 33
[image]Eftos!rx-Eftos!rxI_delta3radio - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Eftos!rx - Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) as of Delta [Op. ER16 3.0] hifi radio 320kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution
Keywords: original; eftos; remix; delta; c64; sid; bitpop; minimalism; video game music
Downloads: 16
[audio]Eftos!rx_NemesisTheWarlock_v2.4 - Eftos!rx
'Nemesis the warlock' remix v2.4 (sirenes fullscale) - a c64 tune by Rob Hubbard from the album Eftos!rx I full hifi 320kbit/s 44.1khz mp3. all additions (c) (c)
Keywords: techno; industrial; eftos; sid; c64; polytonal; hubbard; bitpop; chip; chiptune; leadcore
Downloads: 18
[audio]Eftosrx-Sanxion(2.0) - Eftosrx
Eftos!rx - Sanxion 2.0 'retro 2120' from Eftos!rx I full hifi 320kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 remix of remixes, all structural + melodic additions (c) (c)
Keywords: eftosrx; sanxion; sid; bitonal; bitpop; rob hubbard; chiptune; hardcore; techno; industrial; eftos
Downloads: 80
[audio]Eftos!rx-Zoids(bitonal)v3 - Eftos!rx
based on a remix by Chris Abbott of Rob Hubbards 1986 remake on a Larry Fast song. complete bitonality © ©
Keywords: zoids; sid; hubbard; remix; game; tune; c64; bitpop; eftos; electronica
Downloads: 78
[audio]Eftos!rx_Zoids(Hubbard)Bitonal(v4) - Eftos!rx
Bitonal remix v4.0 based on a Chris Abbott remix of a Rob Hubbard c64 game tune, a modification on a Larry Fast song Complete Bitonality (c) (c)
Keywords: bitonal; remix; c64; zoids; hubbar; electronica; eftos; soundtrack; bitpop; sid; chiptune
Downloads: 23
[image]Eftos!rx_Eftos!rx_I_OxyII4.2edition_radio - Eftos!rx
Eftos Ent. Eftos!rx - Eftos!rx I (2003-20xx) as of Oxygene II [Op. ER13 4.2] hifi radio 320kbit/s 44.1khz mp3 original COPYRIGHT (c) (c) (p) zebralution
Keywords: eftos; remix; oxygene; upgrade; hifi; synthesizer; bitpop; trance; techno; industrial; sanxion
Downloads: 3
[audio]PERO-FOTAR - Parallel World (2002-2003) - Pero-Fotar
PERO-FOTAR - Parallel World (2002-2003)Music style: Synthpunk, Bitpop, New Age, Happy Hardcore
Keywords: Synthpunk; Bitpop; New Age; Happy Hardcore; Pero-Fotar; FastTracker; Psycle; Demoscene; Retro; Old skool
Downloads: 15
[audio][LTR106] endometrium cuntplow VS. Popsicle Dice Love - endometrium cuntplow VS. Popsicle Dice Love
endometrium cuntplow VS. Popsicle Dice Love
Keywords: Experimental; Gabber; 8 bit; Hardcore; Industrial; Thrash; Bitpop; endometrium cuntplow; Popsicle Dice Love
Downloads: 167
[audio]Ceteris Paribus - Sister Waize
3rd "Romantic Bitpop" album from Sister Waize. Released in 2008.
Keywords: Ceteris Paribus; Ceteris; Paribus; 2008; Sister Waize; Sister; Waize; romantic; bitpop; electronic; music; chiptune; chipgaze
Downloads: 47
[audio]Rooms - Kansas Beach Patrol
The Rooms EP was recorded December 2012 - January 2013, and was released on 8 February 2013. Half of the tracks were remastered or remixed and placed on the Coast to Coast album. The EP contains both versions of the title track, and earlier versions of "Cloud" and "Software" that appear as "Cloudclone City" and "Psychoactive Software".
Keywords: ep; chillwave; techno; bitpop; chiptune; dream pop; video game music; 808; 909
Downloads: 45
[audio]Multifaros - Medical Advise and Moldy Mountains - BÃ¥rd Ericson
Two new songs from swedish chipartist Multifaros: Medical Advise Moldy Mountains
Keywords: chip 8bit bitpop gameboy multifaros bård ericson chiptune electro electronic music sweden
Downloads: 545
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